• Strategic drenching is the planned use of drenches to manage or delay anthelmintic resistance, to make routine drenches work effectively for longer. A strategic drench plan could include a Knockout drench, Exit & Quarantine drenches.
What is this? Why
Knockout Drench The substitution of a routine lamb drench with Startect, prior to optimal climatic conditions for larval survival and development on pasture. To remove parasites which has survived routine drenching and prevent an autumn larval peak of resistant parasites.
Exit Drench Use Startect after long-acting drench or capsule. To remove parasites which have survived the long acting drench or capsule treatment.
Quarantine Drench Drench any new stock onto the farm with Startect. To prevent the introduction of resistant parasites onto your farm.

Knockout Drench

  • Knockout drenching is the substitution of one routine lamb drench with STARTECT. Resistant parasites which have survived and accumulated from the preceding drenches are then knocked out by STARTECT.
  • Knockout drenching has been shown to delay the onset of resistance to the existing routine drenches used.7 This works by reducing the period of reproductive advantage for resistant parasites over susceptible parasites, thereby reducing the resistance gene frequency in the population.
  • A Knockout drench can be given to lambs at any time – modelling demonstrates that there is a benefit in delaying anthelmintic resistance whenever the Knockout drench is given.
  • The greatest benefit is seen when a Knockout drench is given just as conditions become favourable for larval survival and development on pasture. The ideal timing for a Knockout drench will generally be late summer/early autumn, to prevent an autumn larval peak of resistant parasites on pasture.
Startect Knockout

Exit Drench

  • An Exit drench is a treatment that contains a different active from that used previously, is short acting and is given after any long acting drench. Its purpose is to kill any remaining (resistant) parasites that have survived the long acting drench that was given. Exit drenching will reduce the number of resistant worm eggs produced.
  • What is the ideal Exit drench?
    • Short acting
    • Combination
    • Contains a different active from that used in the long acting product.
    • Able to kill any resistant parasites that have survived the long acting treatment.
  • What is the benefit to Exit Drenching?
    • The ability to maintain the efficacy of long acting products, keeping them working effectively for longer.

Quarantine Drenching

  • The principle of quarantine treatment is to ensure stock coming on to your property do not bring on any resistant worms.
  • All new stock brought onto a farm should be quarantine drenched and held off pasture for 24 hours.
  • They should then graze contaminated pasture until 10 days later when a drench check by faecal egg counting confirms the drench has worked.
  • The novel active derquantel in combination with abamectin makes Startect an ideal quarantine drench product