• Drench resistance is a major concern for NZ sheep farmers, resulting in production losses and increasing costs to control parasites.
Drench Resistance
  • Drench resistance can be effectively managed by using strategic drenching and an integrated approach to worm management.
  • An effective preventative lamb drenching programme is essential to parasite management. By preventing an uncontrolled autumn larval peak of parasites on pasture, all classes of stock on the farm benefit from the reduced larval challenge.
  • When routine lamb drenches are not fully effective, they can allow resistant parasites to accumulate in sheep and contribute to a build up of a resistant population of parasites on pasture.
  • STARTECT is a unique combination drench, containing the novel active derquantel and abamectin.
  • Because STARTECT knocks out susceptible and resistant parasites, it can break the resistance cycle and prolong the effective life of older drenches.
Startect Drench Resistance Sheep