Startect delivers a new level of confidence when it comes to drenching and staying a step ahead of resistance

Lamb being drenched
  • Startect is an effective short-acting sheep drench that can be used to manage drench resistance and optimise productivity. 1-4, 13
  • The first new class of drench to be released in combination to protect itself from resistance from the beginning. 1
  • Contains a completely novel active, derquantel (10mg/mL), the first commercial member of an anthelmintic class, the Spiroindoles (SI).
  • Derquantel’s novel mode of action sets it apart from other anthelmintics. Derquantel acts as an antagonist by blocking the effect of acetylcholine, to cause flacid paralysis and expulsion of nematodes. 1
  • Purposely combined with abamectin (1mg/mL), a broad spectrum anthelmintic from the macrocyclic lactone (ML) class. This dual combination means each active protects the other against resistance. 9
  • When used as part of a routine drench programme, Startect also extends the useful life of older drenches by cleaning up resistant worms that have survived previous drenches. 6,7